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Natalie Hunt
Life and Leader

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Watch your thoughts feelings and actions

King Benjamin 95 BC.

Lead with presence and intention, identify strengths and thought obstacles, strategically get out of your own way, and incrementally live your potential.

I had the greatest time working with Natalie, the LeadBold Lessons she curated lined up perfectly with the situations I was experiencing at the time. I walked away with tools to help me regain confidence in my own ability to notice and reframe my thoughts. I enjoyed how personable Natalie is and am grateful for her listening ear and the laughs along the way. Would recommend 100%!

McKae J. Owner-Collective Echo & Manager-Climbing Walls
Erin W. Content and Production Specialist-Deseret Book

Natalie helped me realize that many of my fears and anxieties were in my own head. She gave me the tools to replace these thoughts with kinder, more productive ones that make me feel at peace with who I am. I’m amazed at how Natalie doesn’t tell me what or how to change, but helps guide me to the answers on my own making the process more impactful.

about Natalie hunt

I am a leader, a mother and a human like you just trying to figure out how to show up as the best me, grow, and replace overwhelm and frustration with abundance, gratitude, acceptance, and joy.

As a leader I had often felt like a fake, a fraud, and certainly not enough. I also knew I could do anything. I was strong but unsure. Capable and overwhelmed. Confident and terrified.

I didn’t know how to share my gifts with the world. Often I doubted I had any.

I have a BS in Psychology and Health Education and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. And the greatest skills I have to help you and I be unapologically us, I learned in my training with The Life Coach School. I’m a certified coach and I’m honored to do the work I do in servant leadership.

Coaching has helped me share my gifts and lead with greater confidence. It helped me enjoy my life, and love my family and friends exactly as they are. I’ve created a business, coached leaders, moms, sisters, daugthers…and a few men too. The tools I share enable you to be a bold, confident, abundant leader.

Today I have the privilege of helping women live and lead with awarness and intention, identify strengths and thought obstacles, fortify skills and strategies to get out of their own way, create at the highest level, and incrementally live their potential.

I’m honored to do this work. To meet you and see your limitless potential.

…and to help you see it too.

and then level up!

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